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                                    The Feed Lemon Story 
   Originally founded in the untamed wilds of the Florida panhandle, the lemon boys have been performing their unique take on grunge since 2016. Pictured above from left to right with photographer Andrew Velasco (insta: @andrevvve), drummer Brenden Gillis, lead guitarist John (JD) West, lead singer and rhythm guitarist Braydon Sult, manager Lindsy Pyette, and bassist Seth Williams. 
     In the early days the band all lived together in the storied Feed Lemon House, located in Molino, Fl. At that time the band consisted of three members, Braydon, Seth, and previous drummer Anthony Brown. The primordial rumblings of what would become Feed Lemon were formulated in those times. Originally an outlet necessitated by sordid living conditions these rumblings would quickly become much more. With the solidification of the original line-up the band quickly got to work on their first set. A task which went quickly due to their lack of internet, tv, and reliable connection to the outside world. After a few months of rigorous practice the band was ready for their first show. They found it hard to secure a show with no releases and very few connections. Eventually the band contacted other acts in the area, notably Hopout, and threw the first Lemon House show. Expectations were meager at best due to the remote location and lack of clear directions. Against all odds people began to find the place, and what started as a small pilgrimage grew to one of moderate size.  The show was a success and would spawn two follow ups, each growing in attendance and debauchery. 
     After splashing onto the scene  with their first house show the band began receiving offers to play in their local region. The band would play nearly every show they were offered, playing extensively at The Handlebar. A venue renowned in certain circles but for many it remains a hidden gem. It was at Feed Lemon 's first show at The Handlebar that the practice of throwing lemons began, now discontinued due to the damage it causes to faces, guitars, drums, and floors. The band would continue to play shows over the next year or two and eventually begin to record their first EP.  This EP would go on to release in late 2017 and would eventually be taken down as it became clear that the sound of the band had drifted. Many of these became demos for Feed Lemons self titled release, with Happy Song being the only track that remains in its original state.  These early days were characterized by constant and crudely focused chaos. There was little thought for organization or progression and eventually the band would go on an extended hiatus.
     This hiatus would mark the end of the early days. Although the band played a handful of shows during this period they were for all intents and purposes disbanded. It wouldn’t be until late 2019 that efforts to reignite the band would start in earnest. The band began rehearsing again in various locations, eventually future guitarist John West would offer up his living room as a practice space. Over the following months the band would begin to jam with JD more and more. On October 31st 2020 JD would officially become a member of Feed Lemon. The band spent the next two months getting their material ready to record. The band would then sign to Cold Soul Records in late December of that same year. Brenden Gillis (future drummer) flew down from Boston, where he was residing at the time, to engineer the album. Production for the album began on January 7th and would last for 12 days. The entirety of Feed Lemons self titled album was recorded live in JD's living room, and so began the second era of Feed Lemon.
     With all the tracks recorded the boys quickly got to work on shooting six music videos. Then came the problem of securing a show during the pandemic and its aftermath. With many venues shut down temporarily, indefinitely, or in a limited capacity  the band looked to their roots and threw a house show for the album release. Feed Lemon would then continue to book and play shows in the panhandle throughout 2021. Playing often on Pensacola Beach at local favorites The Break Beach Bar and The Islander. The Band would then organize and headline a small local music festival in April of 2022 by the name of Lemon Fest, which was loved by all who attended. After the success of Lemon Fest the band would continue to play shows farther from home. In August of 2022 Feed Lemon would travel to New England playing shows in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York. Shortly before leaving for their Northeast tour Anthony Brown would end his time as Feed Lemon's drummer. Brenden Gillis then became Feed Lemon's new drummer, playing with them for the entirety of the tour.
     After returning back to Pensacola the bands focus has shifted to future releases, but Feed Lemon continues to play shows locally.....................


Who’s Who

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Brenden Gillis


Braydon Sult

Lead vocals and rhythm guitar 

John West

Lead Guitarist 

Seth Williams


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